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The goal of Yenmin Communications is to make your vision a reality. Our expert team goes above and beyond to produce the outcomes you desire. Every step of the process—from the initial round table discussion to the finished product—involves the client. Our mission statement is to increase your brand’s visibility through our services, help you stand out from the competition, and assist you in achieving organic business growth.

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With the advent of the pandemic and the entire world functioning in remote mode, Yenmin Communications wanted to create a software that can help companies increase their productivity and improve their employees’ work output. Proton had to have a solid tracking system – that was able to function in all devices and a compatible Operating System. It was also tricky to figure out system uniqueness. There was also the challenge of being able to access all user records and have the user be satisfied with Proton’s unique and detailed metrics.

Not only were there multiple challenges of building a product that was functional, there was also the challenge of designing into a software that didn’t make the employees experience it as as one sided tracking tool but rather a software that provided you with data required to boost productivity and work output.

  • Improve productivity of remote employee
  • Feelings of distrust
  • Legal issues in monitoring
  • Employee retention
  • Fear of Privacy Invasion

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  • BrainstormingAfter the initial round of discussion, we conducted key stakeholder interviews, dove deep into product research, template studies, and analytics.
    UX Strategy After our extensive research, we developed an effective product outline and site map along with content strategy.
    Designing Once the structural planning was finalized, we pulled together the colors, images, fonts, videos, and iconography that would best represent Proton.
    Test and Launch For the final take, we tested it on multiple desktop devices and in various browsers to ensure a universally accessible and seamless experience.
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Tech Stack

For Proton, the front-end development included latest front-end technologies like HTML, SCSS, Angular, Bootstrap, Debezium and backend technologies like Node JS for handling API requests and Database as MongoDB to store and retrieve the data of the user.
For the website, we used WordPress, HTML, PHP and CS and was coded on a responsive framework to ensure an optimal experience for website visitors on devices of all sizes and shapes.



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Proton has been the culmination of remarkable excellence and creativity and has achieved its potential to make an impactful change in productivity. We were able to create software compatibility with Windows OS, and all user devices. Features such as task management, HR management were also incorporated into the software. From our initial test runs to user feedback from companies, the positive feedback and functionality of Proton have been excellent. There is still more to come on Proton – and we will continue to upgrade into advanced versions.

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