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The goal of Yenmin Communications is to make your vision a reality. Our expert team goes above and beyond to produce the outcomes you desire. Every step of the process—from the initial round table discussion to the finished product—involves the client. Our mission statement is to increase your brand’s visibility through our services, help you stand out from the competition, and assist you in achieving organic business growth.

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    NFT developer, P2E gaming

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    Website development, Branding and Digital Marketing

New and upcoming


Gamepay was initially a P2E NFT game developer with its inaugural P2E NFT game, Chickey Chik. However, in the middle of 2022, Gamepay expanded its vision to become a multichain platform that connects games, NFTs, and tokens with gamers, and gaming companies to create an interconnected Web 3.0 ecosystem that transforms the gaming world into a tokenized economy.

This new plan needed to be communicated on their website, as they sought to increase their impact by providing a platform that would significantly simplify the journey for users in web3 and gaming.

Besides needing to communicate their new vision, the site itself needed a makeover.
Gamepay also needed an exclusive website for its P2E NFT game, Chickey Chik.

  • Redesign P2E NFT website to a Web3 ecosystem
  • Create content that reflected its new core value
  • Develop userfriendly NFT Marketplace
  • Develop a website exclusively for Chickey Chik

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  • BrainstormingAfter the initial round of discussion, we conducted extensive key stakeholder interviews, dove deep into website research, template studies, and analytics.
    UX Strategy After our extensive research, we developed an effective site map and content strategy. Gamepay received a detailed preview of how the new sites were organised.
    Designing the website/ Building Once the structural planning was in place, we were ready for the fun part - design! We pulled together the colors, images, fonts, videos, and iconography that would best represent who Gamepay and Chickey Chik are
    Test and Launch After thoroughly planning, designing, and developing the ideal websites, we tested it on multiple mobile and desktop devices and in various browsers to ensure a universally accessible and seamless experience.
Gamepay Marketplace 04
Gamepay Marketplace 03
Gamepay Marketplace 02
Gamepay Marketplace 01
Gamepay Marketplace

Tech Stack

From the technology side of things, we chose to implement our custom site build on the extremely user-friendly website. For Chickey Chik, the front-end development of the site utilises the latest HTML/CSS and was coded on a responsive framework to ensure an optimal experience for website visitors on devices of all sizes and shapes.

For Gamepay, in terms of technology, we’ve implemented the latest front-end technologies like HTML, SCSS, React JS, Next JS, and backend technologies like Node JS for handling API requests and Database as MongoDB to store and retrieve the data of the user.

Gamepay Pitch Deck
Gamepay Letterhead
Gamepay Bc



Color Palette


Motion graphics

Motion graphics was our way to communicate and add depth to Gamepay’s vision. We helped create fun, entertaining and engaging videos for Gamepay. Here are a few.



Gamepay has been thrilled with its new websites and the different colour formats we made available. Due to the improvements to the KPIs, we’ve observed through analytics that website visitors are finding what they’re looking for and engaging with the content on the site. Visibility for Gamepay and Chickey Chik has also increased, thanks to our SEO support. We continue to iterate, adjust, and build upon the site based on feedback and observations of how it is being used. The site truly is a living, breathing extension of who Gamepay and Chickey Chik are, and the positive experiences visitors have shared about their use of the site have been extremely rewarding to hear.

  • Redesigned and rebranded the whole look and feel of Gamepay
  • Upgraded website to being user-friendly with high functionality
  • Powered website with SEO support, increasing brand reach
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Digital Marketing Support

We provided end-to-end digital marketing support to help build the brand of Gampepay and Chickey Chik. Accounts were created on various social media platforms and channels for Chickey Chik and Gamepay. A social media calendar was created, and content and design support were provided. We provided content support in terms of infographics, content descriptions, memes, videos, etc. We used keywords, hashtags, and targeted social media groups to bring in followers.

The initial months involved content marketing that targeted brand awareness, and later on, when NFT pre-sales began, the content marketing strategy saw a shift towards sales promotion.

  • Built brand awareness
  • Increased sales and engagement within the community
  • Increased website traffic
  • Better customer retention and higher customer lifetime value
  • Increased followers and community growth