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Glottis is a logistics freight forwarding company with an industry presence for more than 18 years. In the middle of 2022, they had decided to revamp their website functionality and user interface along with their branding to reflect their purpose and vision.

In addition to conveying their new vision, the website itself required updating. This meant that the portal in their website had to be redeveloped to upgrade their customer service and user-accessibility.

Glottis also faced a delay in communication between customer and team due to most of it’s processes being manual. There was a considerable wait between customer and company representative for price enquiries, tracking of shipment and other logistical related enquiries.

  • Improving the functionality of their website
  • Create a strong branding and incorporate it all areas
  • Redesigning Glottis Logo to reflect branding
  • Developing and enhancing their content to represent their mission and vision
  • Updating their portal to make it more user-friendly and minimize manual effort

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Pooling in our best minds together to deliver the result you want!

  • BrainstormingAfter a discussion with Glottis, our team brainstormed on what needed to be revamped to bring Glottis’s vision to life. We did competitive analysis, website study, research and plunged deep into template studies and analytics.
    UX Strategy We then created an efficient site map and content strategy that best conveyed the essence of Glottis. The collaborative process of wireframing the site gave the Glottis team a precise preview of how the new sites were organised and allowed us to iterate quickly to build the perfect user flow.
    Designing the Website / BuildingTo bring Glottis’s vision to life, we chose the Montserrat font that portrayed the image of Glottis. The imagery used across the website depicted the energy, movement, and change that Glottis aims to bring about while pursuing their purpose.
    Test and Launch Once the website was ready, the final step was to bring it alive. We tested it out on multiple browsers, mobile and desktop devices.
    Working closely with the key Glottis team members to incorporate their suggestions while developing the features and pages in a way that prepared them for launch as we went.
Glottis app 01
Glottis app 02
Glottis app 03
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Glottis app 05

Tech Stack

From a technological standpoint, we decided to use the incredibly user-friendly website to implement our unique site construction. Everything was tailored to make it easier for the Glottis team to keep the site updated. For the best user experience for website users on devices of all sizes and shapes, the front-end development of the site makes use of the most recent HTML/CSS and was written on a responsive framework. The site will always be simple to use and navigate, whether someone is accessing it from a tiny mobile device or a huge desktop monitor.

In terms of technology, we’ve implemented the latest front-end technologies like HTML, SCSS, React JS, Next JS, and backend technologies like Node JS for handling API requests and Database as MongoDB to store and retrieve the data of the user.

Glottis Letter
Glottis BC



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Glottis is delighted with their new website and the complete revamp of their branding. We have discovered through analytics that web users are finding what they’re looking for and engaging with the information on the site as a result of the enhancements achieved in automating shipment tracking and simplifying the customer inquiry process in the website and user portal. The brand’s website and overall aesthetic have been completely revamped. The site has had its content material updated and changed, and it now is a perfect extension of what Glottis represents. With the new upgrades being made, hearing the customer’s positive experiences using the site has been incredibly gratifying.

  • Revamped their branding
  • Designed logo to reflect branding and vision
  • Automated their customer enquiry process
  • Automated tracking of shipment
  • Redesigned their website to reflect their branding and improved its user-functionality
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