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Ticketing had to be converted from the traditional offline mode to an online mode. Further on, we also had to transform the system from centralized to decentralized. This would transform the way tickets to an event were purchased, traded and saved. In the process of creating a decentralized framework,  we also had to figure out a way to be able to connect the purchased tickets to two wallets – Cello and Near – along with a QR code tagged with the NFT ticket. We also had to provide the option of an user being able to conduct an Event by themselves as well from their account.

Besides developing NFtickt, we also had to strategise its branding, execution and marketing.

  • Develop a decentralized application
  • Connecting the NFT ticket to wallet
  • Attaching a QR code with the NFT ticket
  • Designing and branding the application
  • Allow the user to host an event from their account

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  • BrainstormingAfter the initial discussion, we closely interviewed key stakeholders, and dived into product research, template studies, and analytics.
    UX Strategy Following thorough research, we created a successful plan for our product that includes a comprehensive site map and content strategy.
    Designing After completing the structural planning, we gathered the ideal hues, graphics, typefaces, visuals, and iconography to best reflect Anabond PR.
    Test and Launch For the final result, we tested it across a range of desktop devices and web browsers to ensure a flawless and universally accessible user experience.
Nftickt Tech -1
Nftickt Tech – 2
Nftickt Tech – 3
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Tech Stack

In terms of technology, we’ve included the latest front-end technologies like HTML, SCSS, React JS, for storing data of event and backend technologies like Node JS for handling API requests and Database as MongoDB to store and retrieve the data of the user.



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With NFtickt we were able to create a result that will last for decades to come. We were able to bridge the gap between a offline, centralized approach to a decentralized approach backed by blockchain technology. Not only were we able to connect the NFT ticket to two kinds of wallets, we were able to attach a unique QR code to the ticket making it easily accessible for event entry. Along with creating a successful product application, we also infused a unique branding style to the product reflecting its futuristic vision.

  • Created a decentralized software application
  • Connected the NFT ticket to wallets – NEAR and CELO
  • Provided option for user to host event from individual account
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