Yenmin Communications was approached by ApiaryBuzz, a Singapore-based online survey company to provide comprehensive design services. They sought our expertise in enhancing their overall brand to elevate their online presence.


MedBand had a growing vision to establish an impactful online presence that accurately represented their goals and approached Yenmin Communications for branding, UX & UI design and web development services.


The Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited (TNPL), a government-established organization in Tamil Nadu, approached Yenmin Communications to assist them in realizing their vision of creating a website, as well as providing design and marketing services.


Yaadhum Overseas wanted to build a website and curate a brand that represented their vision and sought Yenmin Communications for our expertise in branding, UX & UI Design, and Web Development services.

R L Fine Chem

Yenmin Communications was approached by R.L. Fine Chem, a pharmaceutical company, with a comprehensive project in mind. They sought our expertise to build a website, develop an effective information architecture, and market it to their target audience.

Singapore Business Federation

The Singapore Business Federation sought out Yenmin Communications to avail our design expertise in crafting a booklet that would effectively capture and embody the essence of their brand.

Pandian Decorators

Yenmin Communications was approached by Pandian Decorators, a prominent large-scale event organizing company, to provide a comprehensive range of services. They sought our expertise in building a website, curating an ideal brand identity, and effectively marketing it to their target audience.

Kiln & Co

Kiln and Co, an US based artistic food and drinks company approached Yenmin communications to build a website, along with curating the perfect brand for them and marketing it to their audience.


A logistics based, freight – forwarding company, Glottis approached Yenmin Communications to provide design and development services and sought to enhance their overall brand.